Questions & Answers

Things to know about FARO Online Demonstrations.

Our web demo is an interactive demonstration limited to 10 participants per demo. Therefore we recommend you join together with your colleagues through one access.

Please be aware that since it is an open web demo, we cannot exclude the participation of competitors. For privacy reasons FARO is not allowed to provide you any information about other participations. If you are interested in private web demos, click here for more information.

At the beginning of the Web Demo our expert will check the attendance of the registered participants. When doing this your company name will not be mentioned. However we recommend that when registering in Bluejeans that you also include your surname.

Please note that when using Internet Explorer BlueJeans asks you to first install a plug-in. If this is not possible, the Web Demo can also be started in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Open or copy the link directly in your desired browser and join the conference via the button “WITH BROWSER?”.

If you are dialing in via a landline or mobile phone, select “Phone” and then choose the predefined telephone number for your country and dial this number. Then enter your conference ID and confirm with the # key.

In order to participate in the web demo, you will need internet connection, as well as a video transmission system in the form of a monitor or a projector. We recommend using a loudspeaker and microphone for the sound, or a headset. Alternatively, you can also dial in with your telephone.